Off or On?

New to Naim as some of you already know. So regarding Naim specifically is it recommend you leave it all turned on all the time or turn off between listening sessions? How long does it take to get the units up to a good operating temperature? I have a Musical Fidelity Tri Vista DAC that has to be warmed up to optimum. Not using it at the moment. Gimic or not the feet glowed blue when it was turned on and after about half an hour or more went through yellow, orange, bright orange to eventually red when it was supposededly fully warmed up and ready to go.

I leave all mine on (7 boxes) :blush:

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I think the general consensus on here will be to leave it on except when you are expecting lightning storms when you should switch off and unplug it from the mains. You might also consider switching it off when you go away on holiday but I never do.

I leave my system on, unless on holiday or thunderstorms.


24/7 for me

My tendency would be to turn it off I think in case it cooks and dries out the capacitors. Does leaving them on not decrease the service interval?

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Always on

Naim have always recommended leaving the system powered up. The only exception being in case of electrical storms, when they should be unplugged.

You should also detach any Ethernet cable,if you have one, in case of electrical storm

I was told that capacitors dry out with age, not use. Leave it on 24/7. Lightning storms is your call. Some turn off, others don’t.

…on all the time except for forecasted periods of lighting or out of town for business or pleasure. I like to make sure I can get home to shut the system down if bad weather moves in unexpectedly.

24/7 on,

always turn my kit off , my gas and electric has just gone up yet again. it soon warms up and gets up to speed and the valves would be reduced in life .

with the exception of my ss pre amp which stays on

Leave it on all the time. I wholly understand the environmental concerns, but turning down the heating and changing all lights to led will more than offset the energy used in powering the stereo. You’ll always have a system working at its best and if you are chilly just get a blanket out. If you get your energy from a renewable supplier such as Bulb any concerns should be assuaged.

Not what I was told by the manufacturer of my amplifiers.

I was told by them that leaving my amps switched on 24/7 would significantly shorten the lifetime of the capacitors, and that best practice was to switch on the amps approximately 30 minutes before use.

There may well be other reasons for Naim recommending that you leave their amps switched on 24/7, but capacitors are capacitors (or are they?), and there is no doubt in my mind that having them permanently switched on will reduce their optimal lifetime.

@Hmack, let me refer you to this thread in which several of us refer to capacitors drying over time whether in use or not.

Happy for it to be proved otherwise, I’m continually learning.

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Naim’s recommendation is to leave on for the best SQ.

I am certainly not qualified to personally argue definitively one way or the other, but my advice came directly from Lindemann - the manufacturer of my amplifiers (Lindemann 830s/858).

As Guinnless points out, Naim’s recommendation appears to be related more to sound quality than to longevity. Perhaps Naim amplifiers simply take longer to reach their optimal operating state than those from Lindemman - hence the recommendation.

Likewise, I’m no expert having spent the majority of my working life in mental health care. When I first bought Naim in 1997, I had a discussion about care of the system and servicing. Advice (pertinent to this discussion) from two dealers was, leave it on all the time for best sound quality, and switching it off will not extend time to servicing as the capacitors will dry out regardless. This was also the wisdom expounded by many other Naim owners of the period. No one who works for or with Naim has ever contradicted this wisdom.

I was told the same thing so often by people who should know, that I believe it. Now if new (to me) knowledge comes along to debunk it, or I am told I was hoodwinked into believing poor information then I am OK with changing my belief.

Always left my system on 24/7…only time that changes is if I am on holiday or during a thunderstorm…