Office set up: DAC-V1?

Office set up is currently my iMac feeding an Arcam-irDac into a pair of Ruark MR1-2 powered speakers. Anybody got any experience of the DAC-V1 with the Ruarks? I’m tempted… :thinking:

Okay, Okay… I’ll sit over here with my mates then… :grin:

That’s a pretty specific question you’re asking. I will say, in my experience, you’ll be better off feeding the V1 or any other USB DAC with a USB out streamer than with an iMac. Active Ruarks probably very few on here will have any first hand experience with. The V1 is a great piece of kit imo (listening to mine at the moment in the living room).


Thanks Charles, I was being playful but I did realise I’m asking a specific question. Appreciate the point about the Mac but it needs to double up as my Mac “sound out” for conference calls etc. I will say that by using the Roon and Tidal systems for my music through hard wiring I’m getting some really good sound out of the Arcam Dac and the Ruarks.

If people need a small pair of active speakers for whatever reason I really can’t recommend the Ruarks enough.

The die is cast anyway. Seen a DAC-V1 for 899 on clearance. I shall report back.

Having had a Dac V1 fed by Audirvana from mac mini, via usb: the ND5xs trounced it (Now have NDX), save your £ & enjoy what you’ve got :slight_smile:

That’s a great deal, but I would also factor in a standalone streamer to get the best out of it (or the Arcam). Why not optical out to the V1 from the iMac for your office duties, and then ethernet via a streamer into the USB for music? The USB implementation is the best part of the V1 btw.

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That was the problem right there and why the V1 didn’t match up. Feed it from something like an opticalRendu and I’ll bet it trounces an ND5XS.

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I don’t think the iMac has the optic output anymore do they? I think they did away with that a few years ago. They certainly did on the Mac mini.

I have Roon going on my Mac Mini into a set of B&W MM-1’s. I also have a feed via USB to my Naim DAC V1 and a good set of headphones. The best of both worlds.

Hot Take: DAC-V1 arrived about two hours ago and straight out of the box ( and very cold) it is already an impressive combo with the Ruark MR1s. Waiting for upgraded USB and 3.5-3.5 cables now. Have to say, listening to Tidal premium feed through the iMac via USB connection, its way more than satisfactory for a desk-top/office system for me. My zoom conference calls should sound better as well! :smile:


Glad the V1 is working out. If new give it a good couple of hundred hours. No idea what USB cable you are getting, but the currently half price Shunyata Venom I got recently for my V1 is very good. The V1 has been the core of my system for five years now, and I see no reason to replace it.

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