Oh no, not another Narcom question!

And before any of our regulars leap in: Yes, of course I’ve read the manual — if one page of info (without a troubleshooting section) can be called a manual.

So here’s my issue. My SN2 is not responding to the Narcom 5. I don’t know whether the remote’s brain was fried by an unfortunate combo of keys, or whether it has simply crapped out.

I’ve tried pressing and holding the prog key, the pre key, and the numeric keys. I’ve put in new batteries. I’ve tried to test whether a light is coming on. I don’t know that the Narcom uses infrared, but I’ve checked anyway using an iPhone camera. Nada.

Does anyone know if there’s a super-secret combo to unlock the frozen device? Or can it be reset in some way?

Or am I forever doomed to make the lonely trudge across the listening room to the volume control?

Presumably you’ve turned the SN2 off for a few minutes and then on again? There is no pairing or other magic here, the Narcom should just work. The volume should always work, and the input selection via the number buttons should work after pressing the pre button. It sounds like you have done all that. Can you borrow another remote from your dealer?

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Yep, I’ve tried turning it off for a few. I suppose the dealer is the next step.

Irritatingly, phone cameras started having IR filters fitted many years ago so you can’t use them any more to see remote control LEDs flashing, which is a great shame.

So, the ‘nada’ might not be significant after all. Using the same camera, can you see any flashing from any other remotes?


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It happens. My Narcom 4 (used to control a CD5XS and, once, a Nait XS) died a while ago and all attempts to revive it have failed.

Narcom 4s are no longer available but Narcom 5s are, so definitely worth a trip to the dealer.


Or £79 new on eBay right now.

Plus shipping and duties to the US no doubt.

Thanks all. I’ll be heading to my dealer after I’m back from Seattle, where I’ll be meeting my grandson for the first time.

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