Oh No! Speaker Cables Again!

I have noticed on the Naim website that the Super-lumina speaker cable is described as “equally at home in 500 series and classic series systems”. The Super Lumina cables come with standard type 4mm banana plugs that are silver plated.

I can see that use of standard banana plugs would offer minimal risk of shorting (No more than other amps providing that you are careful). However, the speaker outputs of the amplifier are Nickel plated and are at a higher risk of galvanic corrosion when in contact with Silver. The prescience of an electrolyte is also required so in reality this should be minimal providing that the banana plugs are not touched with sweaty fingers and are clean before inserting.

The Naim instructions in the manual for use of the supplied plugs are likely best practice and well intended but the website comment on the Super Lumina cable does seem contradictory.

Is this just curiosity or a plan to use the cables in a specific system, existing or planned for?

This is mostly curiosity at the moment but also an aspiration to upgrade as space becomes available in my home to Nap 300 or even 500 power amps. In reality a 5 to 10 year plan.

You should get plenty of hands on experience here of numerous speaker cable options Naim and otherwise.
NAC A5 will get you a long way across the Naim ranges and is a safe bet for most Naim amps, Super Lumina you should be able to loan and home demo once you have a system that would be likely to benefit from including it.
Not everyone likes what it does to their system so don’t assume because it’s expensive and made by Naim it’ll be right for you. Loan and home demo it over a meaningful period of time before committing to the cost and later establishing it’s an expensive mistake!
Others have had good results elsewhere with the likes of Tellurium Q and Kudos KS-1 cables as examples.
The speakers and listening environment will play a part in what works well also.
Regards the termination type and materials, I personally use cold weld brass/gold plate sprung banana plugs (QED AirLOC crimper) which you can either shrink tube or use screw on covers with.
This thread will likely trigger numerous responses on Naim plugs and welding cables, personal preference and experimentation advised, I find cold weld the most efficient termination method and it’s cheap and quick to do it with consistent results.

It’s wire don’t worry.

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