OK RADIO IS DOWN - no need for many new topics


No need for repeated new topics.
Search before you post.


I’ve not heard of OK Radio. Is it linked to the magazine, like Times Radio and the newspaper?


It was the original working title for a Radiohead album before they settled on OK Computer


Indeed, and then @Richard.Dane won’t have to spend his entire holidays playing whackamole closing the apparently unlimited number of new threads about the Vtuner service being down.

It’ll be fixed when it’s fixed, enough already.

Oh and Happy New Year all :partying_face::clinking_glasses:.



Luckily radio via Roon is all good

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When vtuner is down, find your radio station on the internet and cast it across to your Naim device. It’s no big deal. I’m listening to radio Cope, a Spanish language station, and was listening to R2 earlier, both sent from my iPad to Muso Qb.

Can you let me know how you cast it from my phone? Cheers

Yes. Get your radio station running on the phone, then drag down from the top right corner of the screen. You should now see a load of icons. On my phone, the icon you are looking for is top right of the screen and shows what is playing. See photo. (This is on an iPad but the same applies to iPhone).

In the top right of that icon is a symbol of concentric circles and triangle. Click on that. A pop up menu will appear with your devices listed. Click on the device you want to cast to and wait a few seconds while it sorts itself out. Happy listening.

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Thank you. It is interesting the site where you can catch the radio station. I don’t let me listen to some website. Select the site. Thank you.

Sorry - are you telling us that the radio function on Naim streamers is temporarily not working ??

You will need to find each radio station separately and cast from there. I know it’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing.


Often until today I used TuneIn radio

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Two new threads since you posted this.



And there was me thinking it would be a cables thread that would eventually break the forum.


Thank you for offering plan B Graham. Living in Switzerland and am having same radio connection issue on both MusoQb and Uniti since X-mas day.

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You’re welcome.

And welcome to the forum.

Okay, I normally go with the view that it’s a first world problem but in the case of radio it’s a bit different. For a lot of people radio is an essential feature, news updates etc. And if people have given up FM and were reliant this is more than just a nuisance. I get there are workarounds but to the less tech aware that would be difficult. Not acceptable in my view.


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