Ok, stupid question of the day on XS3

Hello, I have an XS3 (which I like very much) and the Flatcapxs, here is my dumb question is the stream input the same as the cd or tuner input, the reason I ask is I had an exposure int amp and Hooked the CD player into the AV input, not knowing it would be full volume…and ouch.

I have a Naimcd 5si and want to put it there, I use the tuner input for a separate phono stage and the cd input one channel is out, have a Rega P8 into the phono stage.

Many thanks for any info.

Page E8 and E9.

Stream input also has an output. But can be used the same as the CD and Tuner inputs.

AV Bypass - bypasses the volume control, leading to “ouch”, has to be explicitly enabled:

The NAIT XS 3 can be integrated within a multi-channel
home theatre system, driving the front left and right channel
speakers, by engaging its AV Bypass mode. AV Bypass
mode enables a home theatre processor to take over volume
control of signals connected to the NAIT XS 3 av input. It is
engaged using the switch on the rear panel. The
NAIT XS 3 volume control indicator will extinguish when AV
Bypass mode is engaged and the av input is selected. The
remote handset volume control will also be disabled.

Yep the stream input is just another line level input. The AV input can be configured for AV bypass or line level (default). If the amp is purchased used make sure you check the AV input setting otherwise you might need a change of underwear first time you use it :blush:

Yes, thanks for the info, yes the AV bypass is off, used the system last night ( have multiple systems) using a MOFI ultradeck into the studio phono stage into the the XS3 combo sounds quite good as does the Rega P8 into Naim phono stage, cant have too many turntables, Ha !
but thanks for the info appreciate it, Ben

Hooked it up, no issues, sounds great, CD player and 2 tables on this set up, all good.

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