OK we we're trying vinyl at home finally . .

(Pay no mind that the RP8 is sitting atop my ND 555; that’s just until more Fraim arrives.)

Our RP8 arrived today from Tyler; a “gently and barely used” unit with the Apheta2 MC cartridge and an Aria phono stage.

What are our impressions? After a first-shot miss (the copy of Who’s Next I bought online has a misaligned hole and the wow made it unlistenable . . . ) wow became WOW.

We pulled out my wife’s 40 yr old copy of Who’s Next with no way to clean it, but ignoring some pops it sounded lovely. The adjective she kept using to compare it to digital sourced, generally, is “softer.”

Then we listened to a late 1970’s Let It Be. Very very nice presentation.

Then DSOTM, 30th anniversary edition. WOW. Perhaps the finest I’ve heard it sound. All the detail, and “smooth.” Or “softer.”

Then a minty 1978 pressing of Animals. Again, a wow. Not the ‘in your face’ immediacy of the hi res digital remaster on my server. But all the detail is there in a ‘less immediate’ way that makes it oh so listenable.

Now on, a minty MoFi 180g of Beck’s Sea Change. WOW++. Really amazing. I see why this lp is so well reviewed. I know the music well, and love how it shows up in this format.

SO, we’re really happy with owning a turntable. My wife in particular is really enjoying the musical presentation. This makes sense, as she can suffer from ‘sensory overload’ (can’t watch many light shows at concerts…Cirque du Soleil was too much for her at times). She finds what we’ve heard on vinyl thus far is more pleasing to her and reminds her of listening to vinyl 30+ years ago.

I guess we’re keeping the turntable!


That’s a lovely TT, Bart. You’ll probably notice an improvement once you put it on a proper shelf, better still a wall one if at all possible, and do buy a basic RCM to clean those records. Happy listening!

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Welcome to the vinyl junkies yard!

Do those boxes need straightening or is a trick of the light?

Second the RCM. They are a must have just for removing static from albums. Especially with a felt mat as it sticks to records with static build up.

Picked up the latest Project RCM a few months back on Richard’s recommendation and not only do the records sound better the mat stays on the platter.

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That looks beautiful Bart.

Have you know found the world’s most expensive turntable support? :smiley:


The Pro-Ject is out of stock at some big online retailers here in the States presently. I’m still trying to find one!

Mostly iPhone perspective and light; I noticed that too!


this one is very good too. easy to find.


Welcome to vinyl!

Glad you and your wife are enjoying the record player, Bart.

Sorry to hear about the copy of Who’s Next. Unfortunately such mis-pressings are one of the pitfalls. If you bought it online, I would put in for a return.

Very nice Bart!

The Rega wall shelf is much cheaper than Fraim and IMHO will deliver music that is much more defined. So completely agree with Tony. I had a major rejig of Racks that made this option possible for the first time and wished I’d done it years ago (well 1-2).


All good, Bart. All good.

I disagree the Rega will sound great on the top of Fraim.
Also it’s pretty much near impossible to fit a Rega wall shelf across corner location.

You can buy none branded versions of that brush for around a £5.
IMO The Milty is a much better option.


I said nothing about what it might be like on top of Fraim - I do recommend the wall shelf because the TT is then isolated from what a rack can do. Like you I had a corner location, but now I don’t. The RP10/Aphelion is much more revealing.


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You said it will deliver music that’s much more defined.
As for isolation the Fraim does that better than many other racking systems.

Well, Rega do things differently for their TTs. The wobbly rubber legs are part of their design. If you use a wall shelf it has rubber pads as well. The use of the wall shelf is something others (Tony in this thread) have recommended, and not just for Rega. A good advantage is to be able to work at normal standing height. I found Naim glass, cups and balls changed the sound on my very sensitive TT. Tall racks and TTs can be a problem.

Just trying to give a different point of view. It also seems that Bart started the thread. All you need to do is say that the wall solution may not be possible for Bart.


I would use that Rega without its surround.
I’ve got nothing against wall shelves ?
I have three the best on the market today the Tigerpaw Vulkan and I still use Fraim glass balls and cups on it, but in that situation I would plonk it on Fraim.

Once the rest of my Fraim arrives, the RP8 will sit on the top shelf of a 4-level Fraim.

My wife’s been objecting to a wall shelf. My strategy is to have her change the records for a while and see which mounting she prefers. Maybe the shelf will become her idea. Aesthetically, I don’t really want a shelf either.