Okay to stack power supplies?

None of my components are stacked, they each have their own shelf. My Hi-Cap2 is sitting on top of the XPS that powers my Ndac. Should I add another shelf to my rack and give the Hi-Cap it’s own shelf? Thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome. This issue has been well covered on the forum; what did a search reveal?
Yes - In short each box is likely to perform better when well ventilated.

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Thank you. My question was answered. Ordering a new shelf and then more swapping and switching fun.


It also helps to isolate vibrations.


Because… Druids & Faeries… and Magick… :wink:


Put it on the floor.
Let Mother Earths magnetic fields and gravity plus the suns solar discharges help with your isolation issues.


Dust or wands………?

@TOBYJUG seems inclined to avoid shelves and towards solar space….just not clear about the eclipse effect!

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Both - of course…!!!

And SNAIC’s… :snake:

…ladders needed to reach TJ’s loft heights !

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I suspect that magnetic levitation is the real answer :grinning:

I often wonder if I have woken up in an alternative parallel universe. The theoretical philosophers postulate this can be a possibility.
Although unlike that game of snakes and ladders, the alternatives only go down. :innocent: