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Hi , I have decided to bite the bullet and buy a record cleaning machine. i like the look of the new Okki Nokki One however because its new I cant find any reviews. Has any one on here made a purchase ? If so , i’d love to hear your feedback please

You may want to consider an ultrasonic cleaner, similar to the ones in this article

The #3 and #6 in the article are very expensive (and there exists also one from Kuzma that is also expensive), but you can get some for the same price as the Okki online, e.g. on a well-known auction site if you search for ultrasonic record cleaner.

Similar to #5 in the article, but not just the attachment, but the whole machine, and IMO much better done than the Kuzma (and nobody really needs the frills of the #6 in the article unless you are a used-record shop).

I have one and love it. Fantastic cleaning, no hassle with small liquid tanks and their cleaning, and you can do both sides of 6 records in one go (takes 15 or 20 minutes). Note there are several models, and they differ in the attachment but also the ultrasonic cleaner itself. You want one with a valve at the bottom for easy liquid draining and with a temperature dial so that you can keep the liquid at 35°C.

Kuzma’s machine is a mess and expensive, but their cleaning instructions apply just as well, click Manuals in the tabbed box on the right here:

Just ignore the horrible writing and the equally horrible assembling instructions for their contraption, just skip down to how to clean

I’m pretty sure I read that the new Okki Nokki One has been delayed until the autumn, due to the effects of the pandemic of course.

No commercial links in the hifi corner please, thanks.

Did I do something wrong again? Sorry, I did not think those were commercial links, just to a general info page for all kinds of ultrasonic cleaning in one case and one manufacturer product page in the other, maybe I am missing something?

It’s an advertising site that gets its revenue from advertisers on its site and links to items for sale.

No prices, no links to the commercial site, no advertising.
But sometimes it’s subtle…

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I see, thanks

Someone who interest in a Okki Nokki won´t think of spending the money for an more expensive ultrasonic cleaner. I also think that this is not really necessary, because you can get a record clean by with a surface or point vacuuming device also.

If it comes to individual experiences there might be different preferences and results. I started with a Nitty Gritty copy that used the vaccum cleaner many years ago, switched to a VPI and moved on to a Minos (it´s more likely an improved Loricraft copy).

Cleaning fluid needs to attached manually with all of the devices I named. With the first ones you need to manage cleaning the grooves with a separate brush by hand also. Vacuuming is made with a sloted suction tube, which seals the slot against the record with velvet lips.

This principle has two weaknesses: It is no longer completely suctioned if the velvet lips get too moist. This happens regularly after several records have been cleaned and vacuumed one after the other, so that such a machine is not a real endurance runner. In addition, the inlet groove and a small part of the outlet groove always remain unsuctioned.

That bothered me and made me change to the Minos.

The Okki Nokki One looks to be trying to take the fight to the Project VC-S, which has probably been taking a lot of the lower end of the market. I note that they now also offer a record label sized platter for those like me who don’t like full sized platters on cleaning machines. That alone would certainly make it a strong contender in my book.

In my experience many people simply don’t know about this kind of thing or that it exists at this price point, so I offered an experience, and I did point out that the one I mean costs roughly the same as the Okki. To each their own of course
(And I may point out that none of the quite common problems you mentioned can exist, out of principle, in the models I meant)

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New Keith Monks cleaning machine. Review in Ear Audio.

Maybe to make this a bit more useful despite my link mistake:
The #3 that I mentioned was an iSonic P4875II + MVR10 Motor unit, and #6 was the Audio Systeme Vinyl Cleaner. (Both are expensive and you don’t need them, just offered as reference points)

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