Okki Nokki RCM - My best upgrade in a long time!

I broke down and purchased an Okki Nokki One yesterday after a decade of debating if I needed a RCM. The results are remarkable! More music, less noise, less fuss. If there’s anyone out there like me that has been debating if it will improve your listening experience, the short answer is “yes”. Previously I was just using a Spin Clean and brush with inferior results.

The footprint is relatively small; it fits on the same built-in shelving unit I store my records on. The only tweek I will be making is to add a right-angle power cord to reduce the required shelf depth. In the interim I have it rotated 90 degrees so the cord is oriented on the right hand side of the unit so that it fits.

My only criticism so far would be the build quality. It’s plastic and the overall the fit and finish is relatively low compared to what forum members will be used to with other gear. Having said that, I think it’s adequate for the application.


Yes very good and a necessity for anyone that buys second hand vinyl. Don’t forget some ear protection that should really go along with it. It is a noisey little thing…
Anyone still stuck in the old Linn groove… “no cleaning fluids… just let the stylus do the cleaning” are behind the times and need to get a record cleaning machine. Especially with a decent MC cartridge.

I wouldn’t be without an RCM. Even new records benefit from a clean before playing. Most of my vinyl is bought second hand so it’s essential to give them a clean before playing

Actually, all of the records I’ve washed so far were purchased new and they had all been washed before using a Spin Clean. I was blown away to see the discolouration in the water I drained from the unit after washing only a dozen or so records.

Interesting to hear this.

I am using a Knost spin clean and it seems to do a pretty decent job, but sounds like the Okki Nokki manages to go a little deeper with the cleaning? Most of my records are new but they do need another clean from time to time to remove dust and static.

Don’t forget the HumminGuru ultrasonic cleaner, even cheaper. A thread on it is still running.


My observation has been that the records are cleaner than what is produced by the Spin Clean. I’m not sure if it’s “deeper” but there are less artifacts on the record (i.e. pops from dirt etc.) and the overall sound is improved which I can only attribute to the removal of other contamination that was not as easy to identify during listening.

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