Old CB's

So I’m an audio noob, old roommate left these behind years ago, and I had no clue what I was sitting on. Anyways, I have no clue where to start with these or if I could even afford to get them proper. They’re in a little rough shape, different dials and speaker jacks I believe. I know they power on, but don’t have cords or even know how to set them up to test. Is this a route an audio noob should go down or should I find a better home and something more simple for myself lol

What you have there is a NAC42 pre-amp, a NAP110 power amp, and a SNAPS power supply. To connect it all together you would need a pair of SNAIC4s and a pair of IEC power leads.

Note that it appears the NAC42 has been slightly modified, so I would be cautious there. It seems someone has fitted a pair of Fisher sockets for the Phono input, another pair of Fisher sockets for I’m not sure what, and another DIN, which appears to be an input DIN5. With that in mind it’s probably best to have them looked over by a local Naim dealer to see what’s what.


Thank you for the response! When you say local Naim dealer…like a retailer that’s listed on the site or a focal by Naim store?

I reckon any established Naim dealer should be able to give them a look over and let you know (a) whether they work and are safe, and (b) what your options are with regard to getting them running.

The Fisher sockets on the phono input would probably be best removed and replaced by RCA Phonos - the Fishers were only used by one or two high end brands (IIRC, Mark Levinson was one such) back in the early '80s and, while great connectors, are hard to find and a pain if you wish to connect anything else. It will be worth checking what cards are fitted there too. I don’t know what else has been done with regard to the odd DIN and the other Fishers, so that would need investigation and possible rectification back to standard.

As an aside, the NAC42 and NAP110 is a bona fide classic Naim pairing from the early '80s and, when in good fettle, can still sound surprisingly good today. The SNAPS should make it even better, so they are well worth spending a bit of money on if need be. You would need to spend a couple of grand at least to equal or better them these days.


If it helps, I’ve just bought a 42/110, the combination sounds really very good!

Context is often important to understand comments like that though! Search on here and many people rate the combination highly. I knew their reputation, but didn’t consider them an option when upgrading my NAIT3 a few years ago. I bought a XS3. I’ve been comparing the 42/110 to my XS3 and in most ways I’m preferring the older combination.

If you acquired them free, then the money to service them (and possibly remedy any modifications), would certainly be at least favourable comparable to something like a XS3 in my opinion.

Your examples might be a bit cosmetically challenged, but their SQ potential is lovely.


Well turns out finding a local Naim dealer in the US is a bit harder, and “local” may be a relative term lol. Does Naim do send in service?

Thanks again! I appreciate the guidance

If you look on Naim’s website it will show dealers near to you. Otherwise contact the distributor.

Seeing where you may well be located, another route might be to contact Bruce Deegan at Innovative Audio for his views on your options. I know he’s at the other end of the State but he’s been involved with Naim for a long time and also posts on here from time to time. If I’ve got your location wrong, then please let us know where you are in the world.


While the answer should be yes to the question of “could a Naim dealer look at these and advise,” are there current Naim dealers who would have limited or zero experience with older, say, this-century Naim products?

We all take for granted the knowledge and skills of our favourite dealer, but someone new to the brand will not have this experience.


Oh yes, of course, hence why finding the right dealer with some experience with older Naim gear would help here.

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The OP might also like to engage with Elliot who is innovative’s owner. Or better yet, both. Elliot and Bruce work as a team. I can highly recommend Innovative Audio.


Thank you both, looks like I have to find somewhere to send it, or just sell it. The closest dealer/shop to me is in another country (Canada) about 4hrs away…all the dealers by me listed on the site either no longer exist or only install whole home theaters into new builds

Give the guys at Innovative a call or send them a mail.

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Wow great suggestion! There’s one around the corner from me, surprising it didn’t show up on Naim’s map. Kudos!!

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