‘Old’ Classic

Have to say, there are many brilliant deals about at the moment. Brilliant opportunities to purchase great kit at great prices

Much life in the old classic series yet!

Still a timeless design and super sound.


i think we should start calling it Classic…because lets face it after 20 years they are


With cars, isn’t it 25 years before it becomes a classic?

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If so, we’re only a year or two early!

When was the first Classic black box released? Which model was first?

I thought it was 2002 but happy to be corrected. im not sure if it all came out at the same time?

Interesting the Nap500 came out in 2000, im assuming was used with nac52 until 552 was released in 2002 (not classic series but still interesting)

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My NAP500 is a 2000 :slight_smile: (without any millennium bugs). It was the last power amp (and product?) that Vereker signed off before his death in year 2000.


thats very cool!

Yea i did read he signed off the nap 500, i thought he did with the 552 but that didnt come until later. must have been well in the works

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