Olfactory (smell) retraining

Hi, has anyone here successfully recovered from smell and taste loss post COVID using smell retraining methods?
I’m 12 months now with no degree of recovery so far.

Oh crikey! I’ve just caught it courtesy of daughters school. Day 3 in and feel awful so the thought of long term taste/smell loss seems hideous

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Some 5 years ago I had an upper back molar extracted. The dentist did mention a possibility that the sinus could be affected and sure enough my sense of and smell and taste went right out of whack.
Very familiar things like cut grass, taste and smell of fresh ginger, red and white wine and pork took a somewhat unpleasantness, but no loss - although many other things weren’t affected.
At present those things are still unusual but through the power of assimilation are not unpleasant.

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I don’t know about retraining, dearly beloved, who normally has a highly sensitive sense of smell, went three weeks with little sense of smell or taste. She quickly went back to normal.
I thought that I had not lost the sense, the last week realised that I had not had any cheese since mid August, the desire for cheese on toast reappeared overnight.

I believe there are some things you can try to retrain your taste buds - worth a Google, but suspect you may have already tried these - Good luck

Thanks, I’ve not tried anything yet, I’ve been hoping it will naturally restore itself. I’ve read you can retrain your smell sense by using fragranced oils daily. I will try this, nothing to lose.
I adore my food and wine…I have smell and taste loss.
I adore my music…my tinnitus is getting worse.
None of it is debilitating at present, there are people in far worse situations, so im grateful for what I do still have.

I gave Mrs Simon COVID in March 2020. Her taste and smell took 9 to 12 months to return. Taste came back before smell, which is also odd given taste is partly a function of smell.

So whilst 12 months is longer, I’d not be giving up hope.

She did find that some tastes and smells came back quicker than others - so perhaps worth trying different types of food and making notes of your experiences.

Easy to say but harder to do, I think also you have to not stress about it. My long COVID was more fatigue based and was stressing me out. I think I then slightly overdid it the gym and on the bike to compensate , which delayed recovery a bit (all good now).

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Thankyou for your reply.

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Your tinnitus may be associated with hearing loss and if you aren’t using hearing aids then you may find that they make your music nicer to listen to and reduce your tinnitus. There are lots of us on the forum who use hearing aids and could help guide you if you wanted.

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Grateful David, I will looking this.

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