Olive 250 vs 200DR

A very well respected Naim dealer told me some time ago that the 200DR outperforms the Olive 250 in every respect. He had proved this many times over by demonstration. I’m wondering if anyone has had the same experience?

Sounds unlikely to me, but that assumes the 250 is in good condition. It would be easy to find an old one in less than perfect condition that didn’t sound great.
There is a difference in the presentation between the two amps, and in some systems that don’t require the extra grunt of a 250 it’s possible that a 200 would be subjectively preferable to some.

Perhaps worth mentioning that the DR regulators in a 200DR are only used in its built in preamp PSU, so if you are not using this an older non-DR 200 might be much better value……but perhaps your dealer didn’t want to tell you that :wink:

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My dealer has suggested the same. I have no way of verifying if this is the case but am very happy with my NAP200DR.


I think the 200DR is misnamed as there is no DR for the amplifier section.

Yeah, that’s not likely. I ran early olive 250 and a late olive 250 for a long time and tried the 200 nonDR and it wasn’t even a close competition. I suspect the 200DR surpasses the 200 but not the 250. I think your dealer is wanting to sell a 200.

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Which one is your dealer trying to sell?

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The 200DR he does not have a used Olive 250 in stock. He said the 200DR is superior, a cracking amplifier for the money. I was thinking of taking his advice but have reservations. It can’t be demonstrated as he doesn’t have the olive 250. I have decided to stick with my 180 and get it serviced.

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Marketing comes in many faces.

By twenty !
I have both and they do indeed sound very different

I bought a 200DR as a way of getting the DR tech into my preamp without using a Hicap DR. I don’t know what the effects of DR would be on the NAC72 in your profile. So maybe servicing your NAP180 makes the best sense.

Edit: I’ve just looked at your profile again. You have a HC. In which case, the DR in the 200DR would have no effect. Unless you were to try NAC72, NAP200DR without the HC.

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That’s what I thought but dealer said to use existing HiCap and 200DR would outperform Olive 250. I think I have been misinformed. I’m not going to mention the dealers name but if I did you would be surprised.

If at all possible, listen to both and you make the decision. Preferably in a blind test so that you don’t know which you’re listen to until the end. A couple of tracks you know well and enjoy should suffice.

It’s possible he’s got a point. The trouble is that it’s just an assertion from him, unless he can offer a serviced olive NAP250 to put up against a NAP200DR in your system.

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The problem is he can’t offer that demo, he doesn’t have an Olive 250.

In an ideal world that would be great but unfortunately he doesn’t have the Olive 250 to make the comparison.

the 200DR has got the new Naim transistors with Ceramic insulation.

It is a very good sounding amplifier.

When I was deciding between a 250DR and a old CB250, one UK Naim dealer - told me in no uncertain terms, forget the old CB and olive 250, and buy the 250DR. He advised me on a purely non-commercial basis as I was in another country and he would not be selling me anything at all.

Yeah, your dealer is full of it. The 200 in any form is big step down from a 250 of any form.

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Olive 250 is so different to any 200, they are pointless comparable unless we know speakers and setup.
Its sort of strange dealer comment, maybe some misunderstandings ?
250 is regulated and 200 is not (tmk)

Why would dealers not recommend electronics they shelve ?

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I had nap 200 and nap 250 Olive with nac 72/ Scap/ Allaes speakers. Nap 200 offers beautiful, clean, refined timbres. Nap 250 plays the music.

So the Olive 250 is your preference, some say it has more presence and bass would you agree?