Olive 82, SuperCap, 250

currently and for 10 plus years plus with a supernait/HCdr and since i’ll never
have a 282 etc…, i thought maybe this would be a nice way to go

100% vinyl (rega6, CA clarify, CA maestro v2, stageline/HCdr) with totem forests

what’s the going rates on a system like this and is it worth the outlay of cash?

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It is indeed a nice system. I’m not sure what the going rate would be where you are though - and much would depend on whether recently serviced or not (you would need to factor that in - service intervals every 8-10 years). However, I’d be looking to up the front end as a priority. If you like the Rega then consider a Planar 8 or RP10, or perhaps even a Planar 10.

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I used an 82/Supercap/Olive system for over twenty years a very nice system indeed and gave many many hours of listening pleasure.

Originally used with an LP12/CDI but sold the Linn and stuck to CDs dabbled with non Naim streaming sources but took a punt on a ex demo NDX this worked superbly with the Olive system the CDI just ended up gathering dust.

For what you can pick up a 82/Supercap/250 for in the UK it is undoubtedly an excellent system for the money.

Difficult to value as it depends on age and service history etc.

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To the OP.
For budgetary purposes only, and assuming all units are “olive”, I would suggest 900/1200/1000 would be a good place to start.

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Those prices sound about right. I think if I was doing it, in particular if I was thinking of a Supercap, I’d go the whole hog and get a 52. Either way I’d be getting the best turntable I could afford. An LP12 would be perfect in the Olive scenario, with a Prefix on the deck, powered by the 52.

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While building up my Olive system from scratch over the last five-six years, I have kept a spreadsheet of “selling price” from that auction site, for the units that interest me, and the figures I quoted are trending, and roughly (+/- 50) what I paid for my own units

In general, Olive units’ winning bids have been pretty stable over the years (not counting inflation), with the exceptions being 52 & 135 - especially the 52!


Having bought my 82/sc/250 last year, I agree with your pricing of such. An average price 1000GBP per box is what I have noticed on that auction site, including 135’s, although a pair of very late, serviced and immaculate ones (judging by the photos) went for 3192GBP last night. :astonished:

52’s seem to be going for ~2500GBP

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You have seen the going rates for this system, (I would stress that if the units have not had a service within Naims 8-10 year service interval, then you need to add on the cost of a service and shipping.) but you also ask is it worth it. Emphatically YES!! I run mine through a pair of mkii sbl’s, and it is a very capable setup. For me, I find myself regularly wanting to play one more cd, before I collapse in to bed. In terms of value for money, it is hard to beat.

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Just be aware that judging by the OP’s username, they may well be situated in North America, in which case secondhand prices will generally be different to the UK.


I used an 82/SC/250 with 'Briks and very good it was too. But at s/h UK prices it makes a lot of sense, as HH says, to dig a little bit deeper (and it is not that much deeper bearing in mind its new price back in the day) to pick up a 52. The difference between the 82 and 52 is very significant IMO and if anybody tells you there isn’t my suspicion would be that they’re comparing a 52 in need of a service. Depending on the recency of a unit’s service it’s something that should be carried out with a s/h unit - last time I paid it cost around £400. I am 100% vinyl and now use 52/SC/135’s from a near top spec LP12 though Kudos S20’s. Top Naim sound!


and i used to feel this way about my system but not so much anymore which
is usually a sign an upgrade is imminent


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No worries, an 82-supercap, SNAXO-supercap, two 250s and SBLs will do you very nicely

There’s cough “no bias here” (well, not much)

And you won’t have to “join the Black Side” :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


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