Olive case to chrome

I`m using Nait 1 (serviced) and Spendor Prelude / sa1
and I bought an olive 250(serviced) first because Nait 1 seemed a little overwhelmed with SA1 (83Db)

  • It is very difficult to find the Naim equipment serviced here in Korea.

I finally found 32.5/HC (serviced and excellent cosmetic condition)
However, as you know, 250 is olive case 32.5 is CB, so it doesn’t match in appearance.
So I’m thinking of changing the front part of the olive case of 250 to chrome, and I’d like to hear your opinions.
I saw a post online saying that if you peel off the paint on the front of the olive case, it changes to chrome and I’m going to try this.

I did a computer simulation before I tried it.
It looks fine, but I’m worried about how I can paint it black again later.

The correct process is called linishing; I suggest you locate a metalwork company local to you who have the necessary equipment to do it properly.


I wouldn’t do it. If you remove it and later want to sell the amp, it will be harder to sell. If you ever wanted to revert to Olive, you’d have to get the whole case re-done and it would be very hard to get it right.

If it’s important to have a matching amplifier I’d suggest you buy an original CB 250. The nDac doesn’t match anyway; why not embrace diversity?


I think it would be better to turn the chrome bumper case back and forth and unify it with olives. I just wanted a sense of unity, but it’s okay to use it as it is. Thank you for your advice.

I have a mix of Olive, chrome bumper and classic boxes. Celebrate the differences in the boxes. Like @HungryHalibut said leave the boxes alone and keep them original. Swapping out for CB 250 is a good option.

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I have 135s that have gone the other way chrome bumper to olive the chrome bumper has been blacked ( by naim) but easier to return to cb ( solvent) unfortunately i would need two cases …

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The “chrome” edge is obtained via a process called linishing - a linishing machine is like a belt sander and it takes off the powered coat finish and gives a brushed metal look.

As others have advised, I would not bother (it will always be “messed with” otherwise) and just celebrate the Olive look.


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