Olive Fascia Nap 250

I’m looking for an original fascia for a NAP 250. Who can help?

Darran at Class A in Sheffield, UK states on his website that he has these in stock. Not sure where you are based but would be worth a call and I doubt shipping would be too expensive if required.

I’m pretty sure Darran doesn’t sell them direct, only on boxes he works on, I think to avoid unscrupulous types making plausible looking fakes.
Please note they will only be fitted to equipment that is in original un-modified condition, they will not be fitted to D.I.Y. projects, or modified equipment, also they are not available on a mail order basis.“

Yeah, he does state that no mail order. Just noticed.

I think Darran may have supplied some to Naim for their service needs. If you were sending your amp into Naim for a service then you could ask them about a new fascia.

FWIW, I think the fascias themselves are not available separately as when this happened in the past they were used for fake and “franken-amp” builds. I remember one such “NAP 250” arrived at the factory for a service, the owner having just bought it secondhand from an online auction site. At a casual glance it looked just fine, however with a closer look little things didn’t look quite right; the soldering was not as neat as it should have been, the wiring not quite right, the cable ties were the wrong type and not in the right places or the right amount. Most shocking though was that the chassis or inner tray was made from a very slightly thinner gauge of aluminium. What this meant was that the thermal trip wouldn’t work properly. Needless to say the new owner was horrified at the discovery…

I believe Darran only has fascia for CB, not Olive.

That may well be so. My own '85 vintage NAP250 had suffered the dreaded bronzing and also had gone very brittle with some edge nibbles, so when I had it serviced by Naim they also fitted one of Darran’s replacement CB fascias.

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Surely some enterprising soul could make a decent run of spare fascia panels.

Yes that is correct, I only have the chrome bumper style fascias in stock.
Naim had the last Olive style fascia I had spare a couple of years ago. I have since acquired one more but this is earmarked for my SuperCap.


Class A: „this part is no longer available from Naim and I do not have any for sale“

No one any other ideas?

Anybody wishing to make replacement fascias would need the express permission of Naim in order to be allowed to reproduce the logo without breaching Naim’s trademark.

IIRC Darran had Naim’s permission. Be aware that there are others out there that did not…


I’m not looking for a fake, but a used or new one. Maybe there is one somewhere in the basement or attic. :thinking:

Possibly, but asking for such things here is in direct breach of forum rules (no wants, sales, solicitation etc…)

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Perhaps you need to wait a bit - and ask Darran nicely… If anyone can find one… :thinking:

Sorry, I really didn’t know :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Richard… Yes I had permission to make up some fascias, on conditions of how they were used… Sincere thanks to Sheila for her help, I miss our chats…