Olive feet

Hi, just a quick question about the feet on the Olive boxes. The OEM ones are hard to find these days, I see some aftermarket ones on flea bay and the like they seem to be a different shape. Do naim use this aftermarket type when servicing the Olive boxes. Do you think the OEM are better sounding? Or rubber feet are rubber feet. Anyone been through this?

So from the sounds of it Naim may have run out of these too?

I have a few which have compressed and partially perished on some of my gear - probably due to stacking when rack space was low.

I don’t know the source Naim use for their Olive and CB feet, but IIRC old ones are usually changed as a matter of course with a service.

Have you tried James at Tom Tom Audio - you never know what you might find in his drawers…sorry, perhaps that needs re-phrasing!

Your local dealer will be able to order some from Naim as they are still available.

And, you are quite right Richard - Naim do indeed replace them when units are returned to HQ for work.


Hi, thanks for reply’s.
Do naim replace them like for like or the different shaped ones that are so common.

Last bit of kit I had serviced was a couple of years back - my original NAIT, and the feet on that look the same as they have ever been, but of course now with nice fresh rubber rather than the worn and rather cracked originals it previously had.

Last summer my Olive 250 came back from servicing with fresh new original shaped feet.

Thank you, so it would seem that it is possible to source them. Thanks for the the information. On to then next phase of this operation…:nerd_face:

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