Olive NAC 82 accessories

Hi All,

I got an olive NAC-52 a year ago and am now ready to let go of my trusty NAC-82, but for the life of me, I can’t find what accessories would have come with it. I’d like to sell it with all its original shipping stuff - like the 52-pin plug etc.

I have the external power supply, but really cant remember what else came with it…

Any help will be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks, Anil.

A NAC82 would have come with -

  • 5 Pin shorting plug
  • 4 pin ‘Paddle’ shorting plug
  • Remote

Thats It… afaik…

What I would’ve thought too. Maybe a manual but that might not count as accessories?

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Thanks very much - I seem to only have one :paddle" shorting plug. You don;t have a picture of the two shorting plugs do you?

I’ve got the NAPSC and remote…

Very many thanks, nil.

The other shorting plug is a regular naim 5 pin shorting plug. Available for about £15 from any naim dealer. Don’t buy off ebay for £40, any other silly price.

Find your way to the website of Tom Tom Audio (in St Albans). Then click down through “Naim Parts” then “Link Plugs” and you’ll find a useful reference of the various types of link plug, but more importantly, to which unit(s) each link plug is applicable.

And how much they cost…. :laughing:

Top tip! Thanks ever so much!