Olive NAP 250 transformers

Anyone know when the Holden & Fisher transformers were replaced in the Olive range?

Recently had 2 NAP 250s serviced, and I automatically put the newer 1988 model back in service with the NAC 282 (primarily as it was better pre-service and the older one had some issue I’d assumed were due to bad caps ( a dealer serviced it maybe 10 years ago)).

I’ve not felt the 1998 NAP 250 has sounded quite right since, but have also had other changes.

Nearly 2 months later I’ve now swapped for the older 1993 olive NAP 250, that’s not been powered up since servicing and it’s a much nicer sound overall.

I seem to recall when I went active in 1988 and got the second NAP 250 that it did sound different, ‘more digital’ in essence, though less noticeable when using it active though the old NAXO would have routed 1 NAP 250 to each SBL unlike the current SNAXO.

The transformer change was around 1993


I guess I’d have to take a peek inside the 1993 model, but from cold it sounds so much nicer than the later model - warmer, more organic, better timbre to instrument sounds, less forward with a deeper soundstage…hmmm

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