Olive SNAXO 2-4 Pot Adjustment Direction

Is up (to increase level) clockwise or counter-clockwise? I see conflicting posts.
Richard or anyone - which is it?

Also, if I’m running sbls with two 250s - can all 4 pots be adjusted or just the two LF pots where the amps are pluged in.

Thank you.

I think it’s best to only adjust the treble, the
Bass is easy to go wrong with ,from the Naim factory settings.
If you want more bass reduce the treble.

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I believe the Pots adjust the levels - the actual crossover frequencies are fixed.

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Thank you both. I prefer a brighter sound and experimented a bit. Pulling back on HF pots improved the treble a bit for me. Question: I have an SBL/dual 250 late 90s system (bought new) and I’ve been comparing NAXO vs.SNAXO sound quality and pot adjustments. Was or is there a preference? I know they improved over time but for me the NAXO is giving me a brighter, cleaner more open sound. Am I just getting old.

A SNAXO should be preferable to a NAXO unless it’s past due a service.

On SBLs the pot markers should be close to ideal. If you make adjustment then it should only be very fine and only just off the dot on the pots.

It’s important to clean the Snaxo plug if you are using a Hicap to power the Snaxo,do it by plugging it in and out.

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