Olive Supercap on 252

Just wanting to know if a Supercap DR is worth looking at for an upgrade.

Currently have 252 Olive Supercap 250.2

Sources Rega RP10 Moon 310 320 ps Apheta cartridge

Moon Mind 2 into Ndac 555

Speakers PMC facts

If you have cash to spare, I’d just buy more music.:innocent:
One notable upgrade - Apheta to Aphelion - been there myself, and it literally is night and day.

I went from 252 / olive SC to SCdr
I have the RP8 with alpeta and a 250dr

Initially I thought it was a worthwhile improvement…and it matches the rest of my classic gear…but
Now I’m not so sure …the olive SC just made everything sound more relaxed …more musical less hi-fi
If you like what you have…be very careful of loosing it as I seem to have done

Was in the same situation, but SCDR was not my thing. Try to loan an SCDR before you jump.

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