One channel out!

Yesterday I found that my left channel was silent…

I have a couple of sources, an NDX2 and a TT ( with built-in phono stage)… both sources show the problem.

I have reseated connections and replaced as many cables as I can, but with no improvement.

Searching the forums, it seems likely that this is a problem with the 252, possibly a relay failure.

Anything I can do to diagnose the problem further?

Have you changed anything or unplugged or re-plugged anything since this happened? If so, the usual culprit is getting the DIN-XLR leads the wrong way around (correct is Red band on CH2 - Right, Green band on CH1 - Left).

Otherwise it could be a sticky relay. A power cycle or two may unstick it. Otherwise it’s a repair/replacement scenario.

Probably relay, do a search on here as lots of info and lots including myself have had the dreaded problem

A dodgy solder joint on an interconnect can also be responsible for this sort of problem. A continuity check of the DIN leads can rule those sorts of problems out. Your diagram looks ok to me.

I had something similar on my 82. The advice on the forum was to press and release the mono button a few times and see if that worked. It DID work. I pressed it fewer than 10 times. I wouldn’t know if that would also work on a 252 . The relay was the other suggestion.

Double checked XLR/DIN and even swapped these out … anyway correctly connected … also tried many power cycles and pushing of buttons without success…

Yes … I should probably check the Burndy from 252 to SuperCap … I assume these are wired A-A, B-B etc…
All other cable have been swapped out, so should be ok…

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