One More,.CHER-73 Today

Congratulations to CHER, who celebrates 73 years today.

:small_blue_diamond:Here above is CHER on the left,.along with her best friend Tina…during a performance together.

They have performed together from time to time together at 1960 and 70,…and also later in their two careers.
CHER has run a Show on Broadway,New York in the fall,winter 2018-19.

Then Tina follows up after CHER on Broadway with her musical…TINA:The Musical fall 2019.

:rose: Great congratulations to CHER.


Lifelong friendship

:small_blue_diamond:The picture above,to illustrate Cher and Tina’s friendship through life.

Two living legends that continue to be topical.
:black_small_square:CHER has a concert in Berlin,.Germany at the end of September 2019.


She is a walking example of the awful negative effect of botox.

Why do so many people do that to themselves?


:small_blue_diamond:Tina & Cher,.New York City 1985. Ain’t they a pair :heart:.

•@Innocent_Bystander,…It went a rumor a long time ago.
That Cher had operated off two of her ribs,.to get a narrower waist.
I do not know if this is true,.but Tina has never done any cosmetic surgery.

If you look at this picture,.so I think Tina has a more natural charisma


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