One off I hope

Received my Naim fraim yesterday base + 4 shelves 190mm non tinted cherry. Received instead a mix of tinted and non tinted shelves; one of the shelves 115mm standards; and the state of the boxes they came in look like they’ve been through the mill. For £3k+, you should expect a bit more from service standards. Happy to hear that this is a one off and not a common trend with Naim Salisbury.

Might not be a one off. My order for an extra base and shelf went awry earlier this year with the wrong mix of colours arriving, then the replacement shelf arriving damaged, and in all cases the boxes looked like they’d been used a dozen times or more, and were likely subject to the casual handling techniques that delivery services seem so keen to inflict on us.

I don’t think Naim help themselves with vague Cherry and Cherry Tint terms, esp where dealers tend not to grasp the difference and the dealer’s web site assumes that the only option is what colour do you want. And the baboons who treat all boxes in their vans as indestructible goods don’t help matters.

To be clear though, full marks to Naim Salisbury for sorting it out so quickly.

These things happen unfortunately and in this case it must be really disappointing, especially if you’ve been waiting a while. Presumably your dealer is sorting it all out for you.

There is little that can be achieved my posting on the Forum, it’s your dealer that is the key here.

Noted; it is the disappointment. But over it now and will sort out with dealers on Monday.

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