One rack with a 300DR?

Tempted to hear what a 300DR could do over my 250DR, especially as most of my listening is at low volume. However I don’t have space for a second rack and I’m wondering if I’d be pushing it a bit by doing this. Rack is a Quadraspire Q4 Evo (not bamboo).
Current arrangment:
Hugo TT2
Empty shelf
NAPSC + Hicap DR

My initial thought would be to put a 300DR on the empty shelf, and its PS on the shelf below.

I have one 6 level Fraim for the boxes (Linn on wallshelf):

Superline and Headphone amp
CD5X (HCDR sits on the floor on its own little shelf)

The change from 250DR was immediately apparent, and for me well worth it. Low volume listening improved to boot.
I’d love to have a second Fraim, but the step up with the 300DR was still there even with only one.
Beautiful amp.


You have exactly the system that I’m aiming for (though I may not end up affording the Hugo TT2 and might have to stick with my Qutest). Very jealous. I think that it’s perfectly balanced where it is - if you try the 300DR Forum wisdom (a non-sequitur if ever there was one) suggests that you’re then on the slippery slope to a 252, or even a 552. And then wait for the ‘source first’ advocates to point out how imbalanced your system now is and how you will only truly be happy when you have a NDX2 + XPS DR (or even a ND555!). When this topic reaches 100 replies - all different - remember that I warned you!! :joy::joy::joy:


Not optimised perhaps but will be fine.

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Noted, thanks. Very happy with what I have, and in no rush to change, but yes, how to get off this slippery slope isn’t clear. Stop reading the forum would be a good start! Also think about the better weather ahead with more chances to get to live gigs :slight_smile:

FWIW when I got the TT2 and the MScaler I was using a Qutest. When auditioning I preferred the Qutest + MScaler over the bare TT2. The MScaler definitely does something good for me with my setup, bass definition more than anything

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In my case the order is:

Wall rack:

  1. dCS Network Bridge + M-Scaler
  2. Icon 4 passive pre-amp
  3. Phono Stage + Qutest DAC

Floor rack:

  1. LP12
  2. 300DR
  3. Armageddon
  4. Nord 3 Channel Power Amp
  5. 300PSU

On the floor I have:
SBooster for Qutest;
Phono Stage PSU;
Cisco 2960 PSU.

I’d be tempted to get a SC - or better - a 252 before swapping the 250DR for a 300DR but this is rather speaker dependent. If your speakers are current-hungry going for the 300DR now might be the way to go…
Alternatively swap the Hugo for a Dave first?

Arghh :slight_smile: . I was hoping that (potentially) moving to a 300 would be the end game (well apart from a 552 if I got an inheritance).

I added a 300DR to my 282/HiCapDR and was very pleased with the outcome especially at low volumes so I doubt you will be disappointed.

I added a Supercap DR shortly afterwards and the improvement was surprisingly less than the power amp change. I wasn’t expecting that.

It’s not the ‘right way’ of doing things but sometimes rules are made to be broken!

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I would have instead 3 racks and 3 top empty shelves, to be able to play table tennis :laughing:


:joy: How big would the racks have to be ? Or alternatively how small would the bats need to be ?

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So it’s worth considering. I think that’s good! It does bring cable care more to the fore. Is my idea of 300 and PS on the two shelves above the HiCap / NAPSC sensible ?

My MScaler and TT2 sit side by side on the same shelf of my Isoblue rack. If yours are not already like this, perhaps it would allow more space between the brain and the brawn. And, by the way, I used to own a 300DR, superb amp.

The challenge would be keeping the burndies off the floor, which may require the amps to be a bit higher. The 300 is a lovely amplifier but if it was me I’d be getting a better rack and probably a Supercap first. The Evo is fine for what it is but is really not an ideal home for top notch equipment. It doesn’t have to be Fraim; Quadraspire SVT bamboo and Isoblue are both very good.

The burndies do worry me a little. Thanks

I would upgrade to Dave before a 300 dr

You already have a TT2 and MScaler which many consider to be on a par with the Dave. My preference would be for the 300DR.


What did the s booster do to the qutest sound wise?

Definitely not on par, Dave is a bigger upgrade than Nap 300

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I agree a bare Dave leaves the Qutest or TT2 way behind even if they are used with the MScaler.

The NAP300 is also special and an amazing amplifier.