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I started a related topic on the HiFi, but due to my fault it sorta went elsewhere. What one song sounds the best on your system. Mine is Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life followed closely by Phil Colin’s In the Air Tonight.


Eva Cassidy, Anniversary Song, makes the hairs on the neck stand up every time.

Source ClearAudio TT
Rega Aethos amplifier Rega Fono MM
Harbeth P3ESR speakers


Tricky, trying to pick one song out of hundreds. If the emphasis is on recording quality, getting close to the artist and dynamic range etc then The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry on the June Tabor album Ashore was a bit of a revelation when I first heard it. Not only was it very “in the room” but the quality of the performance really made me concentrate and listen to the story. Very moving.


Bird on a Wire (Leonard Cohen cover) on the remastered Famous Blue Raincoat album by Jennifer Warnes for soundstage.
And for drive & rhythm: Yiriyaro by Baaba Maal. Or closer to home: Fool’s Gold by the Stone Roses (oh having these two basslines separated well is a real treat)


Ry Cooder ‘Green Dog’…go on, try it.


“Murder In The Red Barn” Tom Waits cover by John Hammond JR. The whole “wicked Grin” album from which it comes is wonderful. It’s the album I want to play for Bruce Springsteen should he ever come to tea and say “Bruce, sit down listen to this, this is how good your records could sound” Apologies for mentioning an album in a single song thread.

Just about anything that album…

Either Sandy Denny or Fairport Convention singing: Fotheringay
It takes me back to my student days like no other song can.

“Father, son” Peter Gabriel from the album Ovo. Very simple arrangement but the bass and vocals are really something.

Jerry, Who Runs The Wine Shop - Sara Marie Andersson (from Opus 3 Bergen Havn)

The voice, the guitar playing - absolutely magical, trouble is that you cannot find it anywhere anymore.

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