Ongoing S/PDIF LG C1 - DAC -V1 - XS2 Headache

Posting here as this seems an audio not home theatre issue but please move me if I have this wrong. I have been trying to run the audio from my TV (LG C1) to my DAC-V1 using an optical connection. Analogue outputs to the XS2 in case that matters. I always get static noise (i.e. the signal isn’t being processed) even if the TV output is set to optical. The old Sony TV I had seemed to send out signals that were picked up automatically by the DAC, but the LG doesn’t.

Can anyone give me an idiot’s guide to how to do/troubleshoot this?


Yeah, make sure it’s pcm stereo. Static means you are sending Dolby digital or dts.


Thanks for that - helped me persevere! The problem was that the optical output auto/PCM setting was greyed out until I switched the sound to external optical device only. It worked fine with optical + tv speaker on ‘auto’, so perhaps it treats the signal differently in that mode.

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