Opening NDX 2; maybe something loose


When I tap the case of my NDX 2, or slightly lift one side and place it back down, there is a very distinct rattle from inside. Are the circuit boards and other paraphernalia suspended or similar? Of course I’m thinking that something is loose. I’ve taken the lid off my CDX 2 a few times to align the drawer; very straight forward. Is this something I could do with my in-warranty NDX 2? The thought of items like NDX 2s in transit going back for servicing scares me terribly! There are no obvious issues with SQ.

Are there any brave guys or girls out there who might advise? Maybe with instructions? Don’t let @Richard.Dane know what i’m up to…

Your best bet would be to have a word with your dealer, Naim service or perhaps @NeilS can advise. Note that just going ahead and opening up the NDX2 and having a poke about inside will likely void your warranty so I would definitely speak to your dealer or Naim first.


Hopefully @NeilS will advise. What with the dealers being closed at the mo, I was thinking of saving the hassle. But good advise Richard, thank you.

Hi dazjones,

The analogue PCB is indeed decoupled from the chassis on compliant mounts & will as a result produce a slight rattle. This is completely normal & intentional.



Thank you. I was hoping it was intentional.

Have a great day,


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