Operating an NDX2 from multiple phones

I just got a new iPhone but I still use the old one. The Naim app is installed on the older iPhone and works a treat. Now, when I try to find the NDX 2 on the new phone using the app, it cannot find it. If I try to add new device, the phone cannot find the NDX2 even though it is on the same network. Am I doing something wrong or can an NDX2 only be controlled by 1 phone ?

Unlike the 1st gen streamers you can use the Naim app on more than one device with an NDX2. At least, that used to be the case. I haven’t tried it on the latest firmware but I can’t see why it wouldn’t still work.

Obviously that doesn’t solve your problem, other than to confirm that you’re not wasting your time trying!

Have you tried the basic stuff like restarting your router, streamer and phones?

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Do you have a VPN running in the phone? If so turn it off and try again.

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Hi Chris - tried all of those and nothing changed. Glad to hear it is possible as it would be pretty poor if you couldn’t.

Hi Kryptos - thanks for the tip. I found that I have a VPN on my phone but it was switched off so that also is not the cause.

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Does any one have experience of this ? Does the NDX 2 show up automatically in the new phone or do I need to add device again, even though it is connected with the other phone ? I have tried both but it would be useful to know so I don´t keep resetting the NDX 2

I use the Naim app on 2 iPhones & 2 iPads, I often have the app open on the iPad showing what is playing while looking through stuff on the app on my phone. You definitely should be able to run the app on more than one device. I am pretty sure that you have to run through the connection process though on each device, Not sure if it makes any difference but the NDX2 is connected by Ethernet, I don’t use WiFi unless I have to.

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Hi James - thanks for you advice. My NDX 2 is also ethernet connected. I will try again to add the NDX 2 again.

Hi Bruno,
Just thinking it through and definitely you just connect to the NDX on each phone via the Naim app, I find the app really good like that, I am often on the app looking for stuff to play and my wife is on her phone finding music. It’s is pretty seamless like that. I am sure yours will be fine.

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I know it’s obvious but is the iphone wifi switched on and if so is it on the same network as NDX2?

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Bruno iirc it will be an issue of permissions in iOS for the Naim app.
Try a web search and look on an apple support page where the issue is described.
Try deleting the Naim app, switch the phone off or a few moments, then open phone, connect to wifi and reinstall the Naim app and when you first open it, you will likely be asked to grant network permissions.

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There is an ossue with ios and ndx2. I have a current issue with my android controlling my ndx2 after being powered up from cold. It can take 20 mins before the app talks to the ndx2.
Contact naim support for the ios process to make the iphone work.

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Thanks Sound Hound - deleting and reinstalling the app solved the issue. New iPhone found NDX 2 immediately. Also took me to a link where you can set up an account and register your new purchases. You can then see a list of devices and the guarantee period. Much better system than before where you send an email to Focus Naim in Germany, get no reply or acknowledgement and have no idea if you have properly registered. Fortunately, nothing ever went wrong. I now wonder why equipment sold in the UK has an extra 3 year warranty ?

Just to say that you can also control a Nac-N272 from two devices, for example from an iPad and an Android phone while playing from Tidal
I’m happy about that

It’s been a while since I used a 1st gen. streamer, but when I did you could only have the ‘room’ in the app open on one device at a time. Perhaps that has changed with versions of the app?

Give it all the permissions it asks for, I think bluetooth network that one is obvious, and others if you are asked.
iphone, settings, focan and naim, and give it all permissions asked for. You can it seems leave location to when using, but the rest should be set to always, at least until you get connected.

I don’t know, I’ve only tried version 4.8…It’s when I use Tidal that I can start playback on my iPad in the living room, and later in the kitchen I can go to my Tidal on Android and switch tracks, volume etc.