Operation manual for CD5i

Hi. Is there a manual for this that I could download please.


I was surprised to not find manuals for the older players on the Naim site…

(The manualslib link seems to only have the brochure for CD5i)

Thanks Andy. Great stuff. Much obliged for sorting this for me.
Regards, Graham.

Cheers David. Thank you.

@Richard.Dane was the edit because of source or content?

(Am I correct that manuals for non-current equipment are not accessible from the Naim website?)

Andy, source (commercial site).

I think Darran at Class A has permission to carry downloadable copies of the old user manuals.

It really does go to the actual user manual. I’ve just looked at it to check.

Anyway google shows you multiple sources for most Naim manuals much more quickly than trying to find them on Naim’s website (and usually discovering they aren’t there).



Okey doke. Thanks.

Ah… Class A have CB and Olive manuals; current-style links back to Naim.

Many are actually there, e.g. CD555 and CDX2, but then the CDS3 is not. No idea why :slight_smile:

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