Ophidian loudspeakers

Any users in here ?

I notice MK2 range is present for Minimo & Mojo
Old range got fab reviews
Made in UK

I’ve heard Minimo and it was quite stunning in my little office, used as sort of desktop speaker.
Actually they outshined my Iota’s at that time, both very compact, needed some power though, I used a Nap 200 based setup.

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They do get mentioned from time to time. Best thing to do is to type in Ophidian in the Q in the right hand corner .

They seem liked by those who have used them.

The Cabinets are made in Sheffield, I’ve heard the small standmount ones and sounded very very good plenty off clout about them

These seem to punch well above their weight. The Mk2 M range look to be a step up in quality of finish and the floor standing Mambo 2 looks to be very elegant speaker for smaller rooms. The Minimo is tiny !

I heard the stand mount Prophets when auditioning various speakers (including Neat Momentum’s) a couple of years ago. I was impressed, and they seemed very good value. They didn’t fit the bill for me due to the configuration of my room. But well worth consideration IMV…

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Really tiny

I had a guest when using those Minimo.
No intention to demo them for him, he was just collecting something else for wife, but he was kind of “those small boxes can’t be very good” alike.
I know him as a serious music lover, not very interested in boxes.

I said, do you have two minutes let me play a record for you while I serve a cup of coffee.
To say he was stunned is an understatement.
He was quite firm in his remark, “I want a pair too”

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