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Does anyone have any experience with the current KEF Reference Series? I’m interested in the Reference 3

KEF are one of the premier brands of speaker manufactures in the UK. In the 1970’s it was either the KEF104’s or the Spendor BC!'s.

I am lucky to have a 500 series system playing through KEF Ref 3’s for the last few years. Absolutely fabulous! My previous speakers were DBL’s and they didn’t match my room acoustics. The KEF’s are superb and my local dealer showcases the new classic series with the KEF Reference 3 Meta.
Sound quality and build quality absolutely amazing!

@opus As a FYI If you are located in the US I noticed that KEF website has speakers on sale. Also same sales price at my local dealer.

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I’m the UK. Again fabulous speakers!!

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I had a pair of 104.2 Raymond Cooke series in the late 90s early 00s that I loved with my old olive kit. I still have them but haven’t had them connected in years. Can’t comment on any of their modern stuff.

I had the chance to listen to a Kef Reference 3 Meta driven by a Nova.
I think it is a very good speaker. Let’s start with the looks. The speakers in gloss white look stunning, slender shape, quite tall. These speakers are quite a statement optically.
Sonically i was impressed by the depth and width of the soundstage and the very nice top end. Not sharp, not too bright. Very listenable especially for my music taste ( which consists mostly of rock/ alternative/ metal).
The bass was fast, clean , definitely not bloated. Maybe even a bit lean ( but this could be due to the Nova, which in my experience is not as bass heavy as e.g. my NDX2/Nac 202/Nap200/HC combo).
I finally decided against the Kef and bought the Piega Coax 611 as i thought the sonic signature was not unsimilar, i liked the bass a bit more and the looks were more fitting for my listening room.

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I had KEF Reference 103.4 from the 1990s to early 2010s. They were excellent particularly with vocals. Easy to listen to for hours, but somewhat light in the bass. Passed them on to my son who still uses and enjoys them.


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