Opinions on Neat SX1

Hello everyone

My current system is:

1- Audirvana on MM via USB on Dac V1
2- Rega P6 with Exact2 on Stageline N

the rest of the system is: 282 (powered by 1 HC DR) - 200 - NacA5

I would like to buy Neat SX1 but I don’t have the chance to do demos … any advice?

I’d like to hear someone’s experience on the forum …

thanks in advance


I have these speakers and i think they are a fantastic option for the price point.
I listened to a number of brands and i chose these. I have been very happy with them.

I’ve had mine for a couple of years and I’ve been extremely happy with the performance. I often toy with the idea of replacing electronics but I never consider replacing the SX1s because they sound excellent IMO.

Be aware though that the bass response is not what you’d expect from a speaker this small (relatively small for a floor standing speaker). I am using them in a fairly large room but I can see how they might produce too much bass in a smaller room because it’s like having dual subwoofers. Using the test tones from Spotify / Tidal I get a proper response all the way down to 30Hz. The bass is tuneful and lightning fast with no overhang.

In general naim & Neat are an excellent combination.

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Fantastic speakers – sounded great at dealer demo, but didn’t work in our lounge… :slightly_frowning_face: The down-firing bass created an unbearable boom. It don’t know whether our suspended floor is to blame, or maybe the SX1 just need quite a bit of space… So personally, I would hesitate buying them without demo at home…


I have a pair in one system and they are good speakers, great value as well. Agree about what you place them on, originally had them on a suspended wooden floor and moved them onto a slate hearth which the down firing bass port much prefers, they don’t particularly need a lot of space from the wall. If you are in the UK I would suggest you shop around, list is about £2100 and you can pick them up for £1500 in a few retailers.

I have SX2 in a more humble system… The tweeter on this range is the star of the show, it is where a lot of other speakers fall down, IMHO. If you have a medium to largish room, the SX1. If you have a small to medium room then SX2. I don’t think you will find much fault. I ran Credos for many years, passive & active, and it was always the treble that grated me, not so with the Motives.

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