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Having once had the 52/SC/135s/CD(?)/LP12 etc setup. I left Naim as required by a new, smaller living environment. I tried various integrated and all in-one-box configurations to no satisfaction and ultimately realized that my “want” was the Naim sound above all the others tried. So here I am. Rebuilding that lost sound that is apparently within my DNA.
Here is where I am currently and looking for opinions and advice on my system currently and where to go next. Currently i have the 252/SC/300/PS/NDX2/555PS/WEISS501DAC/CDS3/555/PS. Mostly wired via Super lumina or Hiline. The questions in my thoughts are what’s next? I am very content with the streamer/dac and will keep the cds3/ps as I have a large cd collection. What is next? Do I consider moving the 300 out and purchasing the 500? Do I rather move out the 252 and go to the 552? Should I rethink the NDX2 Weiss dac? Really? the dac is very very good with a Chord super array t cable.

BTW my speakers are Rogers LS5/9SE wired with Tellerium Ultra Black IIs. Not heard the SL’s on speakers. Your thoughts.

Right now the system is eight boxes plus the smallish dac. Hard to add additional.


552 is the obvious source-first upgrade. Isn’t the 555PS on the NDX2 a bit of overkill seeing you are using it as a digital transport? You could sell it and free up some cash.


Box count doesn’t seem to be your concern so if you like the OC sound take advantage of the current discounts and move on up the ladder to 500 series.

552 and lots more music.

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That looks about right imho.

I have 52 and 300DR. Adding XPSDR to my NDX2 was a worthwhile step. I wouldn’t say it is a better source now than my Stiletto LP12, but it is a good deal better than it was, and probably marginally better than my CDS2.

The obvious next step in this case (and for me one day, if I get an itch) would be a 552. I would marginally rather have 52 than 252, but I don’t think there is much doubt that a 552 is a significantly better preamp than either. There seem to be some real bargains on eBay…

If @Audietron2019 might upgrade the NDX2 to the ND555, then I’d imagine that he/she would want to keep that 500PS. Otherwise, one might well be able to get back some cash (net) by downgrading that PS, as you suggest.

However, downgrading the source even marginally while upgrading the preamp significantly would always leave me wondering. Thus, I wouldn’t do it if in doubt about whether there will be a later change to the streamer (and a 552 is very able to show any uplift from swapping NDX2 for ND555). I might well also be reluctant to do that downgrade without hearing both versions at home.


  1. 552
  2. ND555 (or not)
  3. 500DR

I’d also try other speakers at some stage, but that is a very personal (and room-dependent) thing. Those Rogers should certainly be well driven by a 300, but that doesn’t mean that they would not be a touch better with a 500DR.


Dear Audietron, welcome to the Forum.

I think the weak link in your system is your NAP300. I likewise had until last week the 52/PS/135s at the heart of my system. I’d compared 135s to a 300 before and found the 300 rather dull and flat. Last Friday my brand new NAP 500-DR/500PSU was installed in place of the 135s. 52/PS and everything else unchanged for the moment. Gigantic, huge improvement over an already brilliant sound. Speakers B&W flagship 800 D3s, so not an easy load.

Yeah, yeah sure I’ll get a 552 in time, or maybe a 332, in place of the 52, but the NAP500 is a big leap right now.

V best,


Your reply tends to agree with my thoughts of setting up the power first then go to the 552. Some on the subject like the 252 others strongly suggest the 552 is a must. I assume I’ll get there, just when. Now I’m puzzled over a comment on my speakers (Rogers LS5/9SE) not being up to the task. I listen appropriately 8 feet away. I’ve had Revel Ultima 2 Studios 3 ways which never did well in the room and I sold them off prior to the Rogers. Any thoughts? I also own a pair of Magico A1’s that i could move up to this room but i think they may lack the finesse I like.

The speakers strike me as a limiting factor, unless you complement them with a good sub.

It is not compulsory to keep adding ‘more’… :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoying what you have - is always an option…

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Hmm studio monitors always to me suggest near-field listening, like a BBC van or something. 8 feet is not too bad and so ordinary speakers, rather than monitors, might be better. I used Sonus Faber Guarneris in a small room for a while, and they were terrific. So I agree with Innocent Bystander. Go and have a listen to lot of speakers, with a 252/300 pairing which every Naim dealer will have. They’ll all sound different. IMHO looks are also important, and Rogers don’t win a beauty contest, when up against Focal, Kudos, Sonus Faber, B&W etc.
Oh, and get a NAP500 eventually!

The BBC design paper for the LS5/9 refers to a typical listening room, then the appraisal was carried out on a room of 70m³.
I have no option than to place mine at the end of a 24 foot long room and sit about 13 feet away. The sweet spot is about 10 feet, but then the sofa/settee stops to door opening.
Different folks…

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Ask 10 people here and you’ll probably get 10+ opinions, but your comments rang a bell with me because I had 52 and 250 for years and always intended to get 135s one day.

Hearing a 300 didn’t change my mind at all, in much the same way that hearing a 252 didn’t make me want one. However, I was encouraged to try a 300DR, and I had to admit it was much better than my 250 or the original 300, and a bit better (mostly quieter and more even-handed) than my recollection of 135s.

Others here use a 52 with a 500, and I believe that a 500 was designed to work with a 52 - it’s clearly a great combination.

However, with fairly close listening to excellent (but not too hard to drive) speakers, the full benefit of 500 over 300 may not be obvious. Thus, I reckon that what looks to be a majority view on n most cases (552-300 over 52/500) is more likely than not to be right here too.

Of course, I suspect that a full 500 system (hopefully at good a/h prices) will actually be the end-point in this case anyway. And, if that is right, then the order of buying will probably be decided by what bargains can be found first anyway.

Monitor type speakers are normally characterised by accuracy and minimal colouration. They are great with any material, though smaller ones have limited bass response. Bigger monitor type speakers (e.g. PMC or ATC) might be a better bet than less accurate types.

The great advantage of near field listening in a large room is minimisation of room effects such as early reflections - can be done very well with large speakers as well as small.


I used a 252 and 300dr for several years the 252 was replaced with a 552 and this was a very worthwhile upgrade in my system a demo is a must.

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My existing 300 is non DR. Im I getting ahead of my skies here? Some suggesting the DR version is it itself a resonable upgrade. All at a very resonable cost. If i did that i would be closer to the 552 pre.

Speakers are not high on my priority list as over the years if done that exercise and feel confident in my current choice. The Rogers special edition are very nice in the room.

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I’ve owned Sonus Faber Guaneari, Revel ultima studio IIs, Focals, Magico, etc. I also have Rel 812 sub that is rarely turned on.

If you are happy with your speakers (and why wouldn’t you be), that’s one thing off the list!

As mentioned, I think 300DR is a good deal better than the old 300. I am pretty confident that you will find 552 a bigger change, but so it should be given the cost.

Is there any way that you can hear a 552 in your system?

@Audietron2019 Fully understand your dilemma
52/135 is s9 good and so Olive.
The classic sound is different and I only found this Olive plus … when I completed 552/500.
Go 552 first !

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