Oppo 4K Player Update


Good old Oppo. It was a sad day when they decided to stop manufacturing disc players but, as in the past, they’ve continued to offer superb support for all their previous products.

They’ve just announced an update for the 203/205 4K players for users in the USA, but this will shortly be available for those of us elsewhere in the World. Nothing major, just pass-through for Dolby Vision plus some bug fixes.


Thanks for the heads-up, Tony. I’ll keep an eye out for that for my 203.



Cool shall do


Just been playing a beautifully sounding album via Roon, thought it was going to my Nova but was actually going to the 205’s RAAT engine…


What’s a RAAT engine @Alley_Cat?


Basically the software that allows Roon integration on an output device:

Roon Advanced Audio Transport


Hence, your Oppo should be a Roon endpoint.