Oppo UDP-205

Got one of the last ones last year, barely used.

I’ve updated firmware tonight to see how it compares to my Nova, both currently acting as digital sources into NAC 282/NAP 250 (olive).

I think I prefer the Nova even without a fixed volume output, just more musical, but the Oppo is barely warm and seems somehow more confident and has better soundstage - not sure if I’m happy with a good all rounder Oppo purchase or wondering about the softness of the Nova. Just reverting back to older Nova software (yet again - the new one never stays long).

The big thing for me with the Oppo is it’s also Roon capable - the Oppo media control app on iOS is unlikely to see much development and so far seems to have messed up several albums in ALAC format shuffling them and ending prematurely, not always managing gapless from NAS either. Roon on the other hand on the Oppo just works…beautifully - I’m listening to:

and it sounds sumptuous and detailed, Little Liza Jane, has just revealed so much detail and fast fingered playing I’ve never heard before from CD or streaming the rip on the Nova I’m fascinated.

Just strikes me some devices/streamers might excel in some areas but not others - obvious really but anyone have both and tested? Are all RAAT implementations equal - probably not!

(Unfairly I have different interconnects running from Nova to 282 compared to Oppo to 282 - may need to swap over).

I find the Allo DigiOne Signature into the Naim DAC significantly better than the Oppo 203 into the Naim DAC. In turn, the nDAC is much better than the analogue output of the 203. The 205 analogue output should be much better than the analogue output of the 203. But I am not sure that the 205 also improves on the digital output of the 203. They are anyway great bluray players!

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