Optical audio connection to Naim Uniti Star

I recently upgraded to TelusTV-21T TV box and high-speed fibre connection. I previously had Shaw and used their Arris Group Model AX013ANM TV Cable box and was able to connect to my 2-year old Naim Uniti Star stereo receiver using the optical audio connection - audio worked great.

When I connect the receiver to the TelusTV-21T TV Box all I get is repetitive staccato noise. The only way I can get it to work is with the Telus 4K VIP5602W TV box and with that I need to set it to stereo digital audio output setting and turn the volume up louder than previously, and it does not sound near as great. If I use the surround sound or Dolby Digital Plus setting from the TV box I get the staccato noise.

I tried using the TV optical out connection and got no sound.

I have tried different optical cables that I know work, and that does not correct the problem.

Using the TelusTV-21T TV box on my other TV it works fine using the optical audio connection to my old Harman Kardon receiver.

Hoping someone has a solution

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You probably haven’t set the output to 2 channel PCM. The DAC in the star is 2 channel only so cannot decode a multichannel bitstream.

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TV box is broadcasting in 5.1 ,I’ve done this myself. As Richard says this often means the :tv: that you need to reconfigure to stereo .

Interesting. So using the output from the current TV box in “stereo” means the output from the TV box to the Naim is then in two-channel, hence the reason it works. That means my old Cable TV box was probably only sending two-channel PCM???
So there is no other solution to allow the stereo to receive the signal in surround or Dolby Digital Plus?

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The DAC is 2 channel stereo only, not multichannel, so it can only decode a PCM stereo digital signal.

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Yes - you are right.

If you want 5 channels you need an AV amp and an array of speakers , I think you can still use a Naim amplifier for the front two and the Av drives the others

You have now exhausted my knowledge of AV issues !!!

best wishes

Sorry, one more question: I tried connecting my Sharp Aquos TV (that is probably 10 years old but still working great) directly from the digital optical out to the optical in on my Naim receiver and I get no sound. I cannot see there is a way to turn off the sound on the TV to shunt it to the receiver, which is what I read to do.
Any ideas on how to get the sound from the TV to the stereo receiver?

I would guess that there will be some setting within the TV setup menus to enable the optical output and defeat the internal TV speaker (or just turn down the TV’s volume to 0 - the digital output should be unaffected).

It looks like the optical output should be enabled on the TV. The only option it appears to give is the PCM / DD output.

Go to “MENU” > “Option” > “Digital
audio output” > select “PCM” or “Dolby

Make sure you have the optical input (either 4 or 5) enabled on the Star.

That’s correct. I use my Arcam AVR850 in conjunction with my Naim system. Just connect the AVR preamp out to the appropriate input channel of your Naim amp. Hopefully that will be a Unity Gain one, in which case the volume control while watching a video source will be the AVR.

I’m not going to explain here the exact mechanics of setup. I wrote the FAQ on Stereo/AV Integration for the old forum. Alas it wasn’t transferred to the current FAQs.

I think that I still have a copy of it and if you wish, I could probably email it to you.

It’s still in the forum Archive FAQ;


To Richard Dane

Mea culpa. I’ll make a note of the URL. Thank you

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