optical out wifi solution for hi-res audio

What are people using for simple (non-DLNA/uPNP-server options - ie no roon core or equiv) passthrough of hi-res audio stream to their naim players for non-TIDAL (ie Qobuz, Deezer) media? Does this exist? App casting to chromecast audio setup with optical out used to do a version of this (and from forums it sounds like Jongo A2 might have as well?) - any new hardware that fits the bill that will pass through a hifi stream from the android apps to Naim devices?

I’m not sure if I am the the only one, but the only part of that whole post I actually understand is ‘any new hardware that fits the bill.’
Streaming on a Star is easy. Then it gets hard!


Which Naim device are you streaming to?

Take a look at the audio pro link 1, and the audiocast. These are both functionally the same as the google chromecast audio.

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yes, sorry should have mentioned that the naim app for the qb currently only supports direct tidal and spotify streaming. for those of you with the more expensive units, it looks like you get qobuz integration.

Thanks - audiopro link 1 looks like exactly the thing. I can’t tell if audiocast has an optical out option - do you happen to know?

Yes it has optical out.

Thanks Richard, yes, the audiopro has clear documentation that there is an optical out. I couldn’t find clear documentation that the audiocast does (per the website, only a 3.5 analog jack) which is what the prior question was directed to.

Appreciate your heads up about the two pieces of hardware.

The audiopro does appear to be the better device; more widely available (richer sounds for example), it has optical out, and has Ethernet for networking.

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