Optimisation Vs PSU

Reading the current topic regarding upgrading NDX2, it seems there are very mixed experiences of adding PSUs particularly the XPSdr.
I wonder if system optimisation, particularly dedicated mains, system support and cable dressing influences the effectiveness of PSUs. For example would their effects be less noticeable with a clean dedicated mains?
Also there are those who are lucky enough to have optimal room acoustics and/or room treatment where bass response, slap and flutter echo etc are adequately dealt with. In these cases by adding a PSU are the effects on tightening bass and imaging/separation etc less noticeable.
In these cases does it take the jump from XPSdr to a 555dr?

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I don’t believe further optimization could accomplish what the XPSdr does in my system.

That’s great to hear. I have considered saving for a PSU for my 272 for some time. A recent upgrade to my dedicated mains supply made a great improvement and always wonder what a PSU would add.
I have other plans such as Morgana and maybe Cisco switch before PSU however. Do you have a dedicated mains?

There’s no straight answer to this one. From experience I would say that having a dedicated radial spur installed is broadly equivalent to upgrading an amp or PSU, broadly!




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