Orbi Settings

Seeking advice from fellow Orbi users. I use the Orbi piggybacked on my ISP-provided router. I have had best results using the Orbi in AP mode, but there are many other options in the Orbi menu, which are over my head.

I’d like to create the best environment for my Atom. For example, when I use mconnect as a control app, the Atom sometimes does not appear in the UPNP menu, or there is delayed recognition. I take this to be an issue with my router.

What Orbi settings will create the best network environment? How about settings for the ISP router?

I appreciate your advice, as I am not particularly tech savvy! Thank you!

Hi @AIA,

Best wishes for 2020.
I use ORBI as well and am quite happy with it. I tested quite some configurations and AP is by far the best. My recommendation is that you stick with it.

I use ORBI as follows. The ORBI bases station is wired connected to my incoming Router. The ORBI base station creates a wireless network. One of the satellites is near my NAIM ystsem and is wired connected to a swith connects everything (NUC with Roon, NAS, NDX-2 etc etc ) together. Is tream a lot of HiRes through NAS, Tidal and Qobuz) and never an issue.


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