Ordering Albums In Date Order In Asset - A Solution

I hadn’t spotted this before so I thought I’d share…

Like many folks, I generally browse to music I’d like to play through Album Artist. One draw back with this is how is displays multiple albums under a particular artist. The default is alphebetically by title. There is a Year option which can be introduced into the browse tree but this is reliant on having that tag populated. Annoyingly, it also puts the albums in reverse date order with newest first - not how I want it. If the year field isn’t populated for an album, that album eouldn’t be displayed (so I understand).

I stumbled across a solution by accident when looking for something else recently. This particular solution uses the Album Sort tag. The suggested route is to fill this tag with text like - (like 1970 - Abbey Road).

It works!

Mind you, it completely messes up Album browsing! (Although that’s not something I ever do.)
I’ll have to post on the Asset forum to see if something can be done about that.

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