Organik Upgrade Time

Indeed. Even with the latest Organik board, there is a quite a bit of difference between the slimline Klimax and the NG Klimax. Great kit though.


Hi Diggygun.
I have just had the Utopik upgrade with my existing Organik DAC DS and I am 2 days in and its already sounding superb, a nice upgrade. But it wasn’t free, can you clarify what you mean?


Which version DS do you have out of interest ?

As you say the upgrade isn’t free, but is part of the Utopik promotion Linn have got on, whereby you purchase certain components and get a free Utopik upgrade (for a compatible product).

Otherwise it’s £1350, which isn’t bad in the Linn spectrum of pricing.

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As @james_n said


Had a very nice few hours at Cymbiosis this afternoon. Mrs DG and I went up for the Organik / Utopik demo.

We took along our Linn Klimax DS/3 Katalyst (1) to demo against the Organik version (2) and also took the opportunity to demo the Linn Selekt DSM Organik / Utopik (3). Unfortunately, they didn’t have a Klimax DS/3 Organik / Utopik that we could demo.

Played a pre-set playlist of tracks that we know well. A pleasant time listening to music and drinking coffee.

They were connected to a Naim NAC 552 pre-amp, with 2x Naim NAP 350 power amps feeding Kudos 606 speakers.

Started with (1) to set the base level, then (2) and finally (3).

There was an improvement between (1) and (2) where there was more detail, with percussion being more defined and an overall improvement in depth.

Interestingly, the improvement was not as much there was as against the Naim ND5 XS, when we initially got (1) in 2022.

With (3), the presentation was a bit more relaxed, but a lot more detailed. Was hearing detail that I hadn’t noticed before.

After a chat with them, going back up to demo the Linn Selekt DSM Utopik with two Stereo Organik Power Out Cartridges (Active) into the Kudos 606 speakers.

Before making any final decision, want to demo a single box hub system against a large number of Naim black boxes system.

As well as the sound, one of the things I liked about (3) was the modular approach. For example, you add cartridges for various configurations, which can have one of three DACs (Standard / Katalyst / Organik). If you start, say with the standard DAC and want to upgrade to the Organik at a later stage, you can p/x the old DAC for the new DAC as it is a plug in module. Rather than with the Organik upgrade for (1), there is no p/x for the old DAC, which goes as WEEE waste. This also makes upgrading in the future easier.

So keeping my options open at the moment will decide further after the next demo sometime in December. But doing a lot of research on the Selekt Edition DSM.



So you missed out the most important part of the demo. :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks @DiggyGun for the info.

My main focus was the Organik demo , as I had been planning to upgrade to this since I first got my streamer.