Ornaments on Speakers

This the way… but they are on felt and the ls50 cabs are very dense.


I still flinch.


I more identify as an ornament in front of speakers. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Placing any object on top of a speaker will distort the geogravitational field around it, proportional to the mass of the object. The effect will be tiny but nonetheless measurable with the appropriate equipment.

In practice place whatever you want on your speakers. If you notice a change in the sound then take it off.


I’ve put plants on top of speaker cabinets in the past. They had no effect on the sound whatsoever. Drinks would annoy me, but now I only have Shahinians that’s not a problem.


My wife put a plant pot on top of one of our (now departed) ProAcs …it left a faint ring (not audible!)

Soon as I noticed that, the pot was gone.
I then bought 805 D3…no real estate on top, thank goodness.

I do have a small Buddha on the Fraim, but he’s not soiled himself. As yet.

Must be a happy one then. :wink:

Nah…just so enlightened he’s beyond bodily functions.


These two are much better than ornaments on speakers. Now they are older they don’t get on the Linn now, partly because I have a cover on it when it is not being used and they don’t like it.


Warning for tear marks then?:thinking:

If it happens it happens. I would rather have happy cats than pristine speakers.



Which shouldn’t be a contradiction but understand what you mean, being a cat person myself.

I remember having the original 805n’s when my children were young, every child thought the tweeter enclosure was a microphone and tried to liberate it from the speaker.


When I ran mission 700s, which I did for a couple of decades, things left on top of them used to fall off after a while. Shows how well the cabinets were damped, especially after I’d removed most of the internal foam. They still managed to see off a pair of Royd doublets. Eventually they were replaced with a pair of Thiel cs1.6 which had very little space on top and now NBLs which remove all temptation.

Think of it as Totem’s beak. It can be an effective tweak for your hifi.

Don’t stop at the speakers. They could be used on top of your CD players and amplifiers too. :upside_down_face:



I’m not really a fan of ornaments or various things on top of the speakers to be honest my existing speakers are the Dali zensor 3 on norstone speaker stands

My speakers are toed-in and raked back so anything on top is not there for long. Problem solved.

Friday night after dinner listening to Stephen Fearing (The Secret of Climbing) with our Dodger chilling out, On an antique rug. Speakers always dressed.


When I stood my Doublets on paving slabs on top of the carpet, I added mass to reduce speaker movement by placing three Argos catalogues on each speaker. Got used to it, no one has mentioned it.