Ortofon Cadenza Bronze

Do any Forumites have experience of this cartridge?

As my Klyde comes to the end of its life, I’ll have to replace it. A Linn Krystal is the obvious choice, especially with the trade-in Linn offer; but someone suggested to me earlier today that the Cadenza Bronze (a bit more expensive) blows it out of the water.

I’ve only ever heard a few Ortofons, and every single one I’ve found a bit boring. Is it worth auditioning a Bronze against a Krystal? Or - bearing in mind that I don’t want to spend weeks auditioning cartridges - should I just get a Krystal and be done with it?

My arm is a very late Ittok LVIII. I like the Linn cartridge sound. I have 323 boards in my NAC 72, and have no budget for a phono amp. Just £1,200 or thereabouts for a new cart.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

I believe the bronze is the warmest sounding of the Cadenzas. Not heard one but have had a few Ortofon MCs and all have been good.

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Whilst I have not compared with any other cartridge, I use it in an Origin Live combination, and find the SQ to be above my ND555.

I have a Cadenza Black and am very happy with it. It’s very detailed, some people prefer the bronze as they say it has a “warmer” sound. Some critical differences between the Black and the Bronze are Stylus/Cantilever and Channel Separation.
I’m not sure I would want to purchase a cartridge with a “warmer” sound without hearing it on a similar system.
However, 1200 seems like a pretty good price. I’m sure its more here in North America.

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