Ortofon Cadenza Red

Hello to everyone.
I’m thinking upgrade my Sumiko Amethyst cartridge & swap to the Cadenza Red.
Is it an upgrade indeed?
If anyone uses one, can describe the sound signature of the cadenza red???
Thanks in advance.

With a Naim phono stage? Ortofon and Naim aren’t a great match.

With another phono stage, it could work.

The Sumiko carts have known synergy with the SL-1200 and Naim MM stages though, so whether an upgrade or not as a cart, I couldn’t say. Very few Sumiko users here (me and maybe just two other if that) and Sumiko SL-1200 users? Just you and I (though I use the lesser Moonstone).

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Now you tell me, and I enjoyed my SPU Royal N into a superline so much too.

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I don’t believe there’s an issue with the Superline. The Stageline N and built in MM stages have some unusual loading that relies a great deal on cartridge synergy more than strict compatibility.

Even so, I’m sure some people use Ortofon with Stageline N or similar and to their ears it sounds fine.

I had an Ortofon Cadenza Red on my Rega RP8 for a few years and found it to be very good. I used the Stageline S into NAC202/NAP200DR combination and it all seemed to work well. I would say it was a good choice. I only replaced it when the stylus became worn.

Thank mate for the feedback.
Can you please describe the sonic color of the cartridge??

I enquired with a dealer a couple of years ago about how the Cadenza red would sound in comparison to my Hana SL. He told be it would be leaner with a bit more attack, ( for want of better words). I decided to stay with the Hana, which I like and am used to.
Don’t know if that is any help.

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Its difficult to describe its sonic colour. However, I found it to sound very natural with good dynamics and clear presentation. I particularly liked the midrange and its ability to convey vocals in a realistic way. Treble is well defined. It was able to track well and was sympathetic to some of my older more worn records. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response.
It was trully helpful.
How about bass reproduction???

The bass was good. Most of the music I like the bass is important. Marcus Miller, Level 42, Pink Floyd etc. However I can’t say how it would compare with a Sumiko Amethyst.

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