Our Price Records are back!

“A vinyl”? No one back then referred to a record/LP or whatever as a vinyl !

Nearly a 650% price increase? That’s quite an ‘update’!

Notwithstanding, it’s great to see the hegemony being challenged.

Trying to make it easy to understand.
I always use the term album. :+1:t2:

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Good man. For a moment, I thought you’d turn into a youngster and were going to start talking about vinyls.


It’s always albums but used the “ trendy “ word for newbies to understand. :wink:
I always browse the LP collection and pick out an album. :+1:t2:

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I can see the new “Our Price” not lasting long if the prices i have seen are typical.

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It’s just so hard to divorce yourself from the 80’s pricing !


I remember my record shop days in the early / mid eighties and vinyl was £5/6 and CDs £15!


If that’s Ride the Lightning and it was bought in the year of release, £6.49 then is the equivalent of over £20 today… maybe 2024 vinyl prices aren’t quite as outrageous as we sometimes think.

Mind you, £11 for a CD in 1991 (I only know was the norm because I made a note in my diary when I bought my first CD player) is the equivalent of nearly £25 today. Makes the prices I’ve paid recently for obscure SACDs seem relatively reasonable.


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Yes. If you benchmark on inflation, £20 per record sounds about right. As you say, it’s when you benchmark against CDs it seems expensive.

HMV offer 3 LPs for £55 at moment :grinning:

I have a hunch I bought ride the lightning a bit after it came out. So perhaps 1987 or 88. Too long ago to remember :cry:

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the originals…

Banbury :+1:

Ah, did you know Chalky (Richard White)?

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Indeed, I also worked for him @ Chalky’s in the 90’s :smiley:

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Well I imagine and you and I have met as I was good friends with him from mid to late 80s onwards…many a night out in Banbury :sunglasses:

I’m Ian, when I was @ Music Market it was Andre L as manager & Chalky as assistant manager…
When i was @ Chalky’s it was with Chalky, Tracy, Louise, Stan, Matt & Mark amoungst others!

Seems like a different lifetime it was so long ago! :innocent:

Indeed a lifetime ago…I remember Tracey (Was Chalky’s GF for a while, pre Dina) and Louise (Managed the £ books)…I also knew Dave G ( Carpenter) and Roo (Reuben) who were Chalky’s mates…I went by the nickname of ‘Blimey’ :sunglasses:

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I still have a load of Our Price-bought LPs (mainly Pathe Marconi Blue Notes, mana from Heaven back then) labelled at £5.99/£6.99/£7.99. Seemed (and was) like a fortune back then in the 80s.

I always thought of them as the ‘Do It All’ of the record world !