Our Price Records are back!

Online at least. TBH I never really thought much of them back in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, but it’s good to see new retailers challenging the might of The River and other big boys. This time round they seem committed to vinyl, and there are some real bargains if you rummage around.


Great news - just so long as they don’t go back to removing the LP from the sleeve and putting it behind the counter, so that any LP sleeve in the bins is nicely bent and creased…


LOL, the old “masterbag” system as it was called. Looks like they are online only for now Richard, so I don’t think that’ll be a problem!

Ah, old habits, and all that.

I’ve just gone to the website to take a look. A few teething troubles at the moment, it seems.

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I never minded the masterbag system I could always check a vinyl wasn’t warped before I bought it.
I’d rather have a bent cover than album. :scream:

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And those stickers that would be hermetically sealed to the sleeve.


Sadly they don’t say what label these records are. For example, Dave Brubeck Time Out at £6.95. I know this is available online via the DOL label. I guess you pays yer money…

This £6.95 can’t be correct, surely?!
[edit to add] no it’s not, can’t “add to cart” anything priced as £6.95.

They say sadly quite nothing.
I don’t even know if these are all new , sealed, or second hand.
I see for example Dire Straits first album. It says 2014 production. Around 40 euros.
I can find an original copy in NM condition for the same price at Discogs.
But it’s one example. Maybe they propose some good offers, I don’t know.

But I won’t replace Discogs. I didn’t found better for now.

@frenchrooster Our Price only sold new records FR.

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Lots of bugs on the site, they should have tested it before going live!


Must have had the same developers as the new Naim site :wink:


Naughty… :slight_smile:


Personal history behind the rebirth: In 2012, West Sussex based musician, writer and entrepreneur Paul Harris along with two close music mad DJ friends, shared the cost and risk and bought the domain ourprice.com at auction with a view to relaunching the brand. However, not owning the trademarks (schoolboy error) meant that for the next nine years they could do nothing but park the domain, during which time they received significant offers from betting and price comparison sites to sell the brand.

Then, out of the blue, in July 2021, they were given the opportunity by the administrators of Our Price Records Limited to purchase all of the UK and EU trademarks, which after considering for a few seconds they agreed to do.

Armed now with all domains and all the trademarks, both visual and textual, Paul and his business partners (Tim Poole and Paul Winkley) set about putting relationships in place with all the UK’s key vinyl, merchandise and related music product distributors and suppliers and having acquired the further development capital they required in early 2024, they finally begun the build and promotion of ourprice.com - the new home of Our Price Records.


I worked for these clowns for a short while back in the 80’s when they purchased the ‘Music Market’ chain of about 7 stores across the midlands…

The original OP or those who’ve acquired the brand?

Which MM did you work?

You must remember Kev, that those of us not living in or near the capital & other major cities, did not have the wide choice of retailers you had & were generally grateful for anything we could get!


Price update:

Good point!