Out of sync TV and Audio

I’m sure this is a simple one for you chaps on here. In the past I ran cables from my AV outlets on the rear of the tv to the AV socket on my Nait 5. Worked a treat. Now I have a soundbar connected to the tv via an optical link from tv to bar. Great. However, I have the option of turning the bar off and still using the av function on the Nait but nice connected to the Sony Hard disk recorder. So, I select the Sony hard disk recorder via HDMI cable as the tv input. This means my audio op is via the Nait - but, the video/audio are not synchronised. Any ideas why ??

HDMI exhibits delays through its circuits. The theory is that ARC declares the time taken within a devices internal circuits so that it can be auto compensated for. Don’t think it interops that well. You will need to manually adjust lip sync to bring it in line. The TV or Sony will likely have a function in their menus to do this.

Not sure about your Sony box, but the TV will probably have a lip sync adjustment. The only problem is that this can only increase the delay in the audio signal, so it may or may not help.

The more complicated your connections, the more you can run into sync issues.
Most smart screens have an hdmi socket specifically for soundbars and others for standard connection.
I would use the standard hdmi and an analogue output to amp. If yours doesn’t have any analogue output as most do these days, I would run the main digital visual source into your main dac using the best cables you can afford.
If both your screen and box provide analogue outputs you can try either, if your box has an option to adjust. If not analogue from the screen should be fine - depending on the quality of its output of course.

All tried. No luck. Can’t get lip sync correct. Never mind will have to just rely on soundbar.
Thanks for ideas.

I have just had a similar problem.
I put a headphone amp into the bedroom system to listen to the TV (Sky) in bed. The sound was way out of sync and I had no option to sync the sound on the Sky box.
I bought a cheapo DAC Converter from Amazon (£10) connected the TV to the DAC via Optical and the DAC to the Nait via phono. Works a treat and I didn’t need to adjust the sync settings available in the TV menu.
I’m guessing the soundbar will be a complication though.
Hope this helps.

I bought Jaws on 4k a couple of weeks ago and the sound is out of sync in places. Never had a problem before with other discs. No idea how it can be out in places. Tried it on another Jaws 4k, same thing.

I use a Felston DD740 Digital Audio Delay box between my Panasonic Plasma’s toslink output and my UnitiQute 2, since my older Panny doesn’t have a lip sync setting.

It works, though it’s tricky to figure out how much delay to apply.

p.s. I also recommend adding a reclocker to clean up TV spdif output, which can be noisy and jittery. I use a W4S Remedy Reclocker. The iFi SPDIF iPurifier2 is another good option.

Most smart boxes like Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV specifically say on their help FAQs not to connect them to any kind of AV amp as this can cause delays and to use direct TV connection for best results.

Thanks for your advice chaps. Have decided to not connect the tv to audio on the Nait5. I’ll live with the inferior sound of the sound bar.

I don’t think you said in which direction it is off, but if the image is delayed vs. the sound, the cause is not always from an AV, but can be image “improvements” settings on the TV. This image processing takes time. Drove me nuts because on my TV the problem only occurred on one input and was I was not aware that these settings are per input on this TV.
The supposed image improvements usually do nothing good and are better turned off anyway.

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