Outdoor speakers

Hi, I am considering installing two outdoor speakers near my pool. I have a unity star, a muso gen2 (and a Nait 3 amp in the cupboard). any suggestions most appreciated.

I know focal make some outdoor speakers. Might be worth doing a search of posts as I recall this was discussed last year.

Sonos do outdoor speakers and may be worth considering. Their Move portable speaker or Amp and Sonance outdoor package might work.

You could buy one of those yachts (Princess?) that Naim do the sound system for - and strip out the speakers from that, which presumably are absolutely fine for outdoor use.

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Make the pool big enough to put the yacht in?


That would work


I just use a portable JBL Extreme 3 speaker with rechargeable battery and stream Tidal or radio Paradise from my iPhone. A relatively inexpensive solution but it does the job well without the need for cables. Since it’s portable, one isn’t tied to a fixed spot in the garden to enjoy a few tunes. And yes, it’s waterproof so should work at the pool side too (and on a yacht as well, for that matter)

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I have these and like them a lot:

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